itWorx4me…. pronounce it how you will “it works for me” or “IT works for me” maybe, who’s bothered? The point is it works for you whether it’s “it” or “IT”, or at least that’s the intention, so let it work 4 u!

itworx4me is simple in that if you have skills to market, i.e. a potential employee, and you want to get in front of someone who would like to employ those skills, a potential employer, itworx4me will directly connect you. Conversely if you are that someone who needs to employ those skills itworx4me will again directly connect you. As a potential employer you can search the individuals on this site (free of charge) and if you find someone of interest you can pay a small fee (the site has to be funded in some way) to obtain their personal contact details. The rest is up to you as they say. Similarly if a potential employee wants to search for any jobs that potential employers have placed on this site or any links to their site they can do so, again free of charge.

You’ll figure it out, if you haven’t already, itWorx4me is a brand new site full of errors/stupid mistakes and whatnot, but hey we have to start somewhere. It’s a bit utopian in as much as its purpose is to get as many people in work as possible for the least amount of effort and cost and. The first thing to do is to grow the database in terms of employees then employers, fill it with those people that have the skill-sets and can do the work and of course with those who want to employ the skill-sets in question. That will make the site attractive to both employees and employers. The trick I suspect will be in the Curriculum Vitae that are posted, not just interesting but searchable for those relevant skill-sets.  Likewise the jobs placed through here need to be accurate, attractive and searchable. If you potential employers want to be cagey about remuneration, prospects etc. then that’s up to you but don’t expect much of a response if you are.

Hopefully it’ll be hey presto we have potential employees in front of potential employers and offers of work flying around, be it contract or permanent, in no time at all with little effort or cost and hugely rewarding for all concerned.

Those with skills-seeking work are, obviously, the “Employees” and those seeking the Employees, again obviously, are the “Employers”. So whether you are an Employee or an Employer it doesn’t matter just register and build up the database. It’s free to register and free to upload your résumé, albeit as an Employee or as an Employer.

The point of all this? Well to get those who are looking for jobs in front of those that have jobs to offer, cutting out the middle man who very often makes a bit of a meal of it and little too much  money along the way.

;o) KP